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  • Life is Incredible

    Briggs has announced the release of his brand-new single ‘Life is Incredible’, available now through Island Records. Read more
  • Anzac corroboree & Haka

    Two sacred dances have been used to commemorate Indigenous soldiers. Read more
  • Indigenous seagoing trade

    Archaeology is unravelling new stories about Indigenous seagoing trade on Australia’s doorstep. Read more
  • Shells, not Pearls

    Pearl shell continues to play an important role in Aboriginal culture in the north-west of Australia. Read more
  • Indigenous expertise improves science

    The curious case of shy lizards and deadly cane toads. Read more
  • Coin commemorates language

    A special 50 cent coin was launched by the Royal Australian Mint in Adelaide on Tuesday, featuring a design that incorporates 14 translations for ‘coin’ from some of the diverse First Nations languages in Australia. Read more
  • Teaching truth of Stolen Generations

    In an attempt to address the gap in accurate student and public knowledge about the Stolen Generations, a new resource kit is now available for schools across the country. Read more
  • Kakadu on Street View

    The interactive map will showcase the national park's natural beauty and has been supported by Traditional Owners. Read more
  • Rock Art Unearthed

    Aboriginal rock art has been discovered during work to remove a boulder threatening the Blue Mountains railway line outside Sydney. Read more
  • Trees, the heart of Country

    From Australia to the Andes, Indigenous peoples understand that trees sustain us and are part of our human world. Read more
  • Aboriginal Australia’s smash hit

    In a time before radio or even gramophones, songs were shared between Aboriginal groups at large social gatherings. Some songs were so popular they spread enormous distances. Read more
  • London returns Aboriginal remains

    It has been a long journey, but after more than 100 years, 37 sets of Australian Aboriginal ancestral remains are set to be returned to country and laid to rest. Read more
  • Music is survival

    My name is Nathan Bird; I am a proud Butchulla man and recording artist known as Birdz. I grew up in the small town of Katherine, Northern Territory, and ever since I was a young kid I’ve wanted to be a rapper. Read more
  • Indigenous baking

    Indigenous Australians have a rich history of baking, making the most of geography and the seasons. Read more
  • Cultural Mindfulness App.

    Aboriginal women create mindfulness app in language, bringing outback meditation to the world. Read more
  • Indigenous surfer competes on the world stage

    "As much as I was super excited to represent Australia and what we stand for, it was also an opportunity for me to show some love, and show a bit of my culture," Bailey said. Read more
  • Aboriginal Women in Politics

    Six years ago, there had never been an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander women in the federal parliament and despite current debate about a lack of female representation, more First Nations women are finding their voice. Read more
  • Torres Strait Islander doctor serves his community

    The Torres Strait Island of Mer welcomed its first resident doctors earlier this month, and both were Indigenous. Read more
  • Demand for native bushfood

    Wattle seed has been a mainstay in the diet of Indigenous Australians for thousands of years, but the native edible seed has become so popular in recent years that commercial growers can't keep up with demand. Read more
  • Dreams of Paralympic glory

    At 19 years old and missing parts of all four limbs, Mr Calyon is training in the hope of representing Australia in the Paralympic Games. Read more

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